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OMG Machines Review

OMG Machines 2016 and beyondHey there – Welcome to my OMG Machines review website, where I’m going to tell you a little bit about this course, spearheaded by marketing masters Mike Long, Greg Morrison, and David Mills. There are so many internet marketing courses out there that it can be difficult to separate the hype from the real deal. I’m going to get right to the point since you obviously arrived at this site in search of information about OMG Machines. You either saw a webinar about the program, or maybe you heard some chatter in internet marketing forums about it and were curious about what probably sounded like some pretty impressive success stories.

You may already know some of the story behind how this program came to be. You may already know that “OMG” is short for “One Man Gang,” and that Greg Morrison is the “one man gang”  (his way often described as “Greg Morrison SEO”) we’re talking about and around whose almost impossible-to-believe success story the initial course was created.

Let me briefly give you some of the story. First of all, Greg wasn’t entirely new to marketing online; in fact, he had made a good chunk of change on MySpace for a while, and then, for reasons only Greg can explain, he just stopped for a while. At some point, he had to go back to work since that initial chunk of change began to run out (and remember, he was just in his mid-20’s at that time, so let’s cut the guy a little slack!) he went back to a typical day job (well, not completely typical – he worked in a casino).

Well, now came the moment where he found out he was going to become a dad, and it’s pretty well-known in the internet marketing community that this was his turning point, and he decided that he was going to give his child a good life.

He wound up starting up some websites by following the basic training offered in an SEO program that Mike Long and David Mills were behind (by the way, David Mills doesn’t get out in front of the audience all that often, but he’s an amazing guy too – and I’ve learned a lot from him about how to really “think” – that’s the best way I can put it), and within about a year or so, made a gajillion bucks. Okay, maybe not a gajillion, but well over $1,000,000. I actually don’t remember the exact amount, but it was definitely more than 1 cool mil. Take a minute to watch this cool little insight from Greg – I found this video on Mike Long’s YouTube channel, and thought you might like this. You’ll hear some of Greg’s advice right at the get go:

There are several of us in the group that very specifically recall watching Greg’s progress, all of which he painstakingly recorded in our group’s forum at the time. As you might imagine, results like that get people’s attention. He gave all of us tons of helpful tips on what and how he was doing his SEO. At some point along the line, marketing gurus Michael Long and David Mills teamed up with Greg and created the first incarnation of OMG Machines in 2012, and we members were treated to watching Greg create sites his way, step by step, no holds barred (just a little pun on one of the names of the second generation).

Now, if you were to go out and search other reviews about the program, or more specifically, Greg’s methods, you’ll find a lot from those early days still circulating on the internet. I say “early days,” even though 2012 is only 3 years ago from this day in June of 2015 when I write this story. But, since you are looking for ways to learn SEO best practices, you obviously know that the internet changes faster than the speed of light, and what worked 6 months ago needs to be massaged and altered to work correctly today.

And, since you would be seeing people on other review sites either praising or dissing the program (depending on their point of view or motivation), the problem with paying too much attention to any of them – good or bad, is that, as I said, the first incarnation was in 2012. Let me ask you something: If you follow the original OMG methods from 2012, do you think you will have the kind of success that Greg and others had at that time, using those methods?

Probably not. So, another thing that you should know about Greg is that the guy is exceptionally skilled at analyzing the constant changes in search engine algorithms and marketing best practices, and the team behind today’s practices (which has grown by leaps and bounds) is second to none when it comes to leading by example. The program stays up to date with what are the best practices today. And, if you should happen to be reading this article in 2016, or even in 2017 and onward, guess what? The program will have evolved to meet the needs of SEO at that time as well. Count on it.

OMG Machines Success:

Ever since Greg’s early humble reports of his success began reaching and teaching others, those who have strictly followed what he teaches have seen some pretty darned remarkable success.

Of course, everyone’s different, and has varying skillsets and expertise. One of the things that this community teaches is how to build out and maintain client sites for residual income. It’s no longer a surprise to me to see someone in the OMG group excitedly announce a new client that has retained their services for thousands of dollars per month. Actually, I’ll show you a couple of recent announcements here, but you must understand that the group is private, so I need to obviously blur out identifying features.

OMG Success Story3

Further OMG Machines Review…

Anyway, I’m guessing that you are getting my drift. When you join, you get a lot more than the instruction, videos, webinars, and coaching calls. What started out as a “one man gang” has turned into a large and growing team of hyper-successful individuals sharing what they know. It’s no longer one man. I’m starting to think of OMG as “Our Mega Group” or “Our Millionaire Gang.” You also get support and encouragement from the members themselves.

Well, I suppose I’ve sung the praises enough for one day. As with any program, there are certainly a few “cons” if one were to go ahead and give a balanced review. Here are the “cons” as far as I can see.

Start Up Fee: The entry fee is considered to be steep by many ordinary people’s standards, and finding the funding to join may not be easy for everyone. Is it worth it? In my personal opinion, yes. But, it’s only worth it if you are truly serious about building an online SEO or other internet marketing business. It’s not really appropriate if you’re a hobbiest looking to figure out how to “sell stuff online” if you understand what I mean.

No Refunds: The entry fee is non-refundable for any reason at all. I’ve seen only one person try to get his money back because he wasn’t t really ready for such a high level of training – or, he just wasn’t going to do the work, and it’s not pretty. You will not…repeat…will not get your money back. So, that’s why I say that this program is for the serious entrepreneur who has made the decision, like Greg Morrison did back in 2012, to take the bull by the horns and get to work.

A few final thoughts…

There is serious money to be made in SEO, and it takes a serious person to get his or her share. If Mike Long and the principals sold at a very low price, there would certainly be a lot more people buying in, but with that would come a lot of “Lookie Loos” who would wind up being more detrimental than helpful in the group. This is not an official opinion, it’s my personal opinion because I’m a member of the group, and I know the caliber of the people in there. I think it would test the patience of some of the members (many of whom volunteer an enormous amount of their time and knowledge to answer questions and offer guidance) if someone was coming in to just “test the waters” and poke around at “trying” to do SEO and internet marketing. So, the higher price tag is there for a reason, and in my opinion, OMG Machines is worth every penny if you want to succeed. Hopefully this review of OMG Machines helps you decide if this is the right program for you.