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How Important Are Backlinks?

Rankings related to backlinks have evolved over the past year, thanks to changes in Google ranking criteria. A website with numerous reciprocal links might not do so well, especially if those links appear irrelevant. Google, Bing, and Yahoo employ software which ranks the quality of links, keywords, dates, and more. It might seem like too much of a risk to get involved with backlinks when there are other ways to develop a presence on the internet. Are backlinks important to search engine rankings?

What is a Backlink?

First of all, you need to know what this term refers to. After browsing dozens of websites you might have noticed how there is usually a hyperlink to another page; a different company. That is a backlink. Up until a little while ago companies would sometimes try to quickly and artificially establish the appearance of a good reputation by making mutual arrangements: companies would post each other’s websites. While this made sense where they sold similar products, many times there was no relationship. Business owners just asked each other if they could swap details. Having as many backlinks to their names as possible was supposed to improve their Google rankings, meaning these firms would be thrust onto page one of a search.


Google developed a way to identify reciprocal links and now businesses are down-graded if the quality of these links is dubious. For instance, why would a firm selling LED lights advertise manure? What does organic nail polish have to do with 3D printers? Clearly, if you are going to develop these connections, it is critical that they be legitimate. Not all reciprocal links are bad.

Do You Need Backlinks?

When someone buys a domain from an auction site, one of the factors he looks for is how many backlinks the site has earned. Authentic commercial connections take time to develop: many months if done right. If a company has already gone through the trouble of establishing a relationship with other firms and you buy that company’s domain, a lot of the groundwork has been done for you. Software programs analyze rankings and identify the number of quality connections already in place.

Building a Link Portfolio

When a firm is just getting started with a brand new domain and no portfolio, it’s okay not to have many backlinks to the business name at first. One should contact related businesses and promote their product. The organic nail polish company would approach cosmetic dealers; an LED light bulb firm would talk terms with a company promoting green energy. With a strong SEO campaign, a well organized website, a solid lead generating page, and a worthwhile product, patience is the only other quality an entrepreneur needs to succeed.

Keep a Record

Remember, though, to keep tabs on all of your backlinks. Your firm might be as authentic and ethical as possible while the sites where your website address is posted have received penalties from search engines. You do not want your company’s name to be associated with businesses whose reputations are in doubt. Software will help you keep track.

Finally, a word to the wise by one of the better known SEO experts, Bruce Clay:

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