The Real Truth About Google

Page: Google Rankings Matter

OMG Machines teaches how to rank sites organicallyLet’s talk a little about why Google rankings are so important to businesses, shall we?

Assorted articles on the internet hint at the impending death of SEO, but Search Engine Optimization is not dead or even terminally ill. Google rankings still matter to businesses. Gurus are particularly interested in the impact these rankings have on small companies competing with big fish in an even bigger cyber pond; little firms that have yet to make a name for themselves and rise above the desperate need to be “liked” on Facebook. Here are some reasons why business owners should be concerned about their Google rankings.

Customer Impressions

Experts have noticed that viewers equate a page-one appearance with authenticity and reliability. Firms which appear at the top of the list after a search is performed gain credence with consumers, rightly or wrongly. They might be better than the rest or their marketing team might be more skilled in this area, but what matters is a customer’s first impression. The reverse is also true: not making it to page one could cause the impression that a firm will not be around for long; a terrible thought if clients are contracting work that takes time. Could the business close before the work is done, taking a client’s money with them? A firm must impart the impression of permanence if new customers are going to trust them.

(Let’s look at how search works, according to Google itself!)

Close Competition

Other companies think SEO marketing is important and they commit some of their budget to running solid Search Engine Optimization campaigns. If 90% of businesses think Google rankings matter, they are likely to overshadow the other 10% and take a significant portion of their would-be clients. These campaigns are relatively inexpensive and some firms are able to write appropriate content after merely consulting with SEO experts. There is no good reason to ignore the potential to gain a wider audience by writing key word articles and using related internet marketing tactics. Pay-per-click programs, social media commentaries, and educational articles can all enhance web coverage and contribute to a higher ranking.

Gauging Advertising Performance

Even if a business owner is unsure about the relevance of SEO marketing and Google rankings, she should see rankings as a barometer of her team’s overall advertising strategy, especially if she is displeased by her profit margins. Rankings are established based on numerous data: backlinks on other websites, blog presence, social media, the dates on articles, relevance of links, ratings and reviews by customers and experts, and so much more.

If a company wants to remain current, the marketing team has to use the various media available to them. The firm’s web presence has to meet potential clients where they are. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs should be developing connections with other firms that do not compete with but enhance their presence. Pooper-scooper companies might carry ads for disposable dog-waste disposal bags; gourmet food suppliers might supply links to caterers specializing in fine food. Conducting a search for businesses in an industry, an entrepreneur will see where his firm ranks: page one, two, or beyond. The results should be an indication of whether more work needs to be done or the current promotional strategy is working smoothly.

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